Nevada, and Las Vegas especially, is becoming a center for medical marijuana dispensaries. There are plans to open dozens of new dispensaries in the city of Las Vegas. Visit here for more information.


Nevada is one step away from legalizing cannabis for recreational use. If this momentum succeeds marijuana will be available to all adultsl for legal, recreational consumption. View more info.

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The marijuana industry and laws are changing every day and while some people are on board with these changes there are others who are not and don’t agree with the benefits medical marijuana can provide.

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Find the ins and outs, prices and specials, for acquiring your medical marijuana card in Las Vegas.

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General information regarding the status of medical marijuana and recreational cannabis in the city of Las Vegas

Medical Benefits

Cannabis has an array of medical benefits for many patients suffering from disease and illnesses.

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Veterans suffering from PTSD find medical marijuana to greatly alleviate the mental ailments and mental suffering of trauma where more conventional treatments fall short

Nevada Legalization 2016

Nevada’s top election official gave the go-ahead to an initiative for the 2016 ballot: To allow recreational marijuana use for adults

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  • PTSD

    Dr. Mechoulam is the Israeli scientist who identified THC as…

  • Cancer

    Previous studies have suggested that cannabinoids, of which tetrahydrocannabinol (THC)…

  • Nausea

    Nausea and vomiting, whether due to chemotherapy, AIDS treatment, abdominal…

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